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Connecting bio-based forces for a sustainable world Connecting bio-based forces for a sustainable world

Connecting bio-based forces for a sustainable world

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BIOVOICES will bring together all relevant stakeholder groups and tackle bio-based related challenges by establishing a mobilisation and mutual learning platform, involving a plurality of voices with different perspectives, knowledge and experiences, and animating open dialogue and co-creation of knowledge between all participants.

Share and have access to relevant documents, videos and pictures

Get in contact with all relevant stakeholders: companies, research centres and researchers active in the bioeconomy field, policy makers, general public, public administrations, chambers of commerce, etc.

Increase your knowledge about bio-based market opportunities including action plans and processes

Learn more about the barriers and opportunities for the development of biobased value chains

Have access to recommendations and policy briefs that address the challenges related to bioeconomy

Raise awareness and promote dialogue on bioeconomy and the benefits of bio-based products

Access workshops, labs and mobilization and mutual learning events (live and online)

Have access to a wealth of knowledge on bioeconomy and biobased products and applications

Be a part of BIOVOICES

Be a part of BIOVOICES

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